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Custom Web Design

Are you successfully driving your target patients into your business? If not, there are two probable reasons why you are not achieving that. First, it may be because you don’t have a website that can easily connect you with new and current patients. Second, you may have a website but it is not unique designed to meet your medical practice needs. Either way, both of these instances can cost your medical practice the opportunity to attract more new patients.

Practice Branding

Brand is something that is made up from what the patients see, hear or experience in relation with your medical practice. It covers your office décor and look of your site. More importantly, it also includes the materials you use and provide to patients, like brochures, logo, etc. This makes it important for you to be careful in showcasing your brand.

Internet Marketing

Marketing your practice over the web has become more competitive through the years. As a result, this makes it more than necessary for you to know how you can fully take advantage of each internet marketing strategy for your brand and practice. To gain that advantage, it is vital for you to know first the importance it offers to your practice.

Patient Education

Although there are many people who are comfortable of going through different medical procedures, there are still those who are not completely at ease with all these. Of course, their main purpose is to further improve their health and treat their illnesses.

Web Intelligence

Even people who are running on medical websites must learn on how people respond to their presence. They often track the number of visitors who would browse through their site. They would also check on how to best respond to whatever it is posted on a website. This is the main reason why owners of medical websites are using website visitor analytics. This helps them learn the number of people who will visit the site. They can use this tool in improving their website.

Reputation Management

As a medical professional, you want to establish your reputation in the field. You may also want to be one of the respected and trusted professionals in the industry. There are people who search for specific medical service providers. They are those who already established trust among their patients and online visitors. If you start offering your services online or increasing your awareness online, reputation management is truly essential.

TeleHealth / Telemedicine

MedITSites provides HIPAA-compliant Video Conferencing in a patient setting.

Our product is well suited for:

  • Telemedicine, Telehealth, and Remote therapy
  • Online patients waiting rooms, scheduling, and notes
  • Group video conferencing with up to 6 participants
  • Secure corporate meetings
  • Recording provider patient video sessions

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