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Internet Marketing

Marketing your practice over the web has become more competitive through the years. As a result, this makes it more than necessary for you to know how you can fully take advantage of each internet marketing strategy for your brand and practice. To gain that advantage, it is vital for you to know first the importance it offers to your practice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In a study conducted by Google in 2012, it showed that there were about 77% patients who usually make their search online to find a physician. By now, this number of patients has already increased in the past years seeing that internet usage has also dramatically increased within that period. Nevertheless, this behavior essentially emphasized two things. One of which is the need for a website to be easily found on search engines if they want to get that patient’s business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

There is not much difference on how medical clinics and doctor’s offices work from other businesses. It has to find new patients and make an appointment from them for profits to be made. For new patients to be driven to one’s facility, a medical clinic must work to appeal to these patients first. This is when advertising methods come to play.

Unfortunately, most traditional advertising methods come at a certain price. The good news is the presence of the internet brought with it a new selection of least expensive means to promote a business, like pay per click advertising. The best part about this method is it not only helps doctors reach out to patients. It also helps improving their reputation and increasing their online presence.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A study conducted in 2013, 41% of people offered that social media plays an important role in the healthcare provider they choose. It basically states and emphasizes that social media is not only a vital means of communicating with families and friends. It now also serves as an influential factor on the healthcare choices that people make. This makes it important for medical clinics and offices to start developing and optimizing their social media profile to increase their patient engagement.

Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing is among the most critical steps that healthcare organizations must take to ensure their business’ stability in the industry. It is an essential aspect that can help populate your business listings once search is made on Google. Regardless, if you are working on your business listing for the very first time or wish to improve your current search rankings, MedITSites can help set up your local search marketing’s foundation to start boosting your local rankings.


Blogging is important to medical practice websites because it is one of the keys that help in improving its ranking on search engines. It is also helps in improving healthcare literacy among the patient population with its plain and easily understandable way of writing. More importantly, blogging is one of the simplest yet also most effective ways to reach out to more people and connect with them.

Website Visitor Analytics

This is a feature that any web design must include for it is what helps you track those visitors or people looking for you on the web. Website visitor analytics is what helps you determine if your efforts are result to something by knowing if it has driven new patients into your practice. Aside from tracking purposes, it also provides information you will find useful, like what your visitors are doing while at your website.

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