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How it Works

Proven Techniques

Med IT Sites team has extensive experience in the Web technologies and Digital marketing. Our team have developed a unique set of proven techniques and processes for a smooth and successful digital presence for our clients.

Marketing your medical practice with our proven techniques help in growing your business. MedITSites makes this process easy for you to manage and monitor.

Onboarding and Assessment

Upon onboarding as a client, we make an assessment of your online presence as a medical practice on the internet. Secondly, we consult with you to understand what your expectations. Our team of specialists then processes this information create a checklist of tasks to target your expectations. All this happens in an automated manner to minimize effort from your end so you can focus on the patient care and not on the website maintenance and/or marketing.

Implementation Process

Med IT Sites makes the onboarding process as simple as possible. After onboarding, our team follows a proven process to implement the client’s web presence enablement and marketing. Educating our clients is considered key to our success. That way our clients (that is you) understand our processes better and appreciate the workings of our business. In addition, we ensure you are empowered with the tools when needed. Please contact us for more information on our process to brand and promote your online presence.

Dedicated Support

Med IT Sites understands that success of our business relies on the success of our clients. We assign a support manager to every client with whom they can reach out for any kind of technical issues and new features. Our support managers strives to build a healthy partnership, there by resulting to acustomized support and resolution that achieves your practice’s specific mission and goals.

HIPAA Compliance

Providers are familiar with the importance of HIPAA compliance and need for their medical practice website to be compliant as well. Med IT Sites ensures that the HIPAA compliance is applied in every possible aspect of the website. As an indication that we stand by our compliance, Med IT Sites ensures that a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is established with our clients.

Let our team help grow your healthcare practice online